99% of Tissue Boxes are Ugly

Most commercially available tissue boxes are ugly.

They are awful. Disgusting. Regardless of the decor in your abode any tissue box you buy will be the ugliest thing in every room. It’s totally unnecessary and confounding. It rises to the level of possible environmentalist conspiracy. It’s as if the terrorists at the Sierra Club are keeping all the un-gross stock art hostage from Kimberly Clark and Kleenex. The entire operation is probably funded by George Soros. “Stockpile the appealing photos and prints and make them pay!”

Are tissues only for poor people so they have to be ugly?

These tissues from Target are the best I’ve ever bought. The don’t give you eye cancer at a glance, they look a little cool. The actual tissues are cheap and feel like wood pulp but they do the trick.




Don’t look at the one on the right! Eye cancer!


Ahhhh! Watch out for eye cancer, top left!

Cool Touch Tissues by Kleenex are the next best thing. They are totally worth the extra money. The box looks decent and the tissues are heavenly pillows.


Deplorable Human Debris

I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of newsletters and alert services lately. It’s difficult to find people doing cool work that aren’t also blind to their prejudices. All of my unsubscribes happened because the curators or writers are full of hate for Trump and his supporters.

Some of these newsletters I’ve read for years. It’s disappointing and maybe I’ll be back to some of them later. I won’t name them, I like to link to things I think are awesome. Why bother promoting the bad? Link articles on this site get the most clicks BY FAR. I can tell whoever reads this appreciates promoting the good rather than bitching about the bad.

I know the media is leftist, I know most writer people lean left. Bias is not a surprise and generally it’s not worth commenting on or complaining about. Pointing out bias does nothing for the cause of conservatism, living conservatively does wonders. This election season something different is happening, something vile and shameful. The repugnant smears about anyone who would dare to support Trump only grow Trump support.

Hate is a powerful and delicious drug that asks nothing of the user. Understanding takes work and it’s the only way to gain converts, or at a minimum, occasional allies. America is awesome and we must strive to be more awesome. We can’t get to awesome by castigating tens of millions of people as deplorable human debris.

He’s going to win

Don’t get caught up in the details, he’s going to win.

I’ll bet real money just ask me in real life.

She’s going to have a stroke, she probably already had a stroke. The legal “wife” of a previous president becoming president is the stuff of 🍌🍌🍌 republics. She’s a criminal. She has no ideas except Trump is an idiot. “Look at him! He’s an idiot!” It’s a failure, a sick failure.

She’s spent hundreds of millions and the media is behind her and yet the race is a tie. The leftists are terrified and they should be. 

Either way…the outcome won’t change anything for me or for you. Stay rich my friends, if you’re American you’re rich.

He’s honest. She’s a liar.

He’s doing this for America.

She’s doing this because she thinks America owes her for tolerating her rapist husband.

Who are these 1,800 people?


#1 – Better Over Time

Ohhh yeah, you like those “uniquely large battery packs” don’t you?

Better Over Time from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

“In an industry-first safety measure, we’re also introducing Cabin Overheat Protection, focused on child (and pet) safety. This feature keeps the car at a safe temperature, even when the car is off, and is made possible by our uniquely large battery packs.”

$TSLA for life homie!



#2 – NC LOVE

Whoa! Is a Full Little Brother Reunion Suddenly Possible?
By  Raleigh Agenda



#3 – NC Love



#4 – NC also needs more bourbon

September 21, 2016 
Fred Minnick



#5 – Rockets

Not Fair! I Want a Beach [DC, NYC, etc] House!

Buying a house is incredibly difficult for me. Here’s why.
by September 14, 2016
Greater Greater Washington

I come mainly for the comments to articles like these.

Real talk and numbers:
My biologically originally female wife and I just sold our 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Twinbrook (Rockville, MD) a few weeks ago. The mortgage was $1,850. The house was blocks from the metro.

I can’t buy a beach house!
I can’t buy a home in DC!

They are the same thing. Grow up. What you mean is: You can’t buy a nice house in a place with really cool stuff walking distance close while working at a non-profit. Get over yourself.

nostalgic in the present